Etiquette You Should Know About

April 30, 2012 1
Etiquette You Should Know About

Social media is a great tool for networking professionally, keeping in touch with close friends and maybe even finding new friends. But every network is slightly different, and every group of people within each of those networks have different ideas on what you do and what you don’t do. So here I’m going to give you a general overview of how to conduct yourself on almost any social network, just as a reference.

Publishing Yourself

  • If you’re promoting yourself, don’t publish the same thing every half an hour, people will stop following you/un-friend you. Aim for around 4/5 promotion posts throughout the day.
  • It’s important to talk about other people, not just yourself. Promote others at least 4x as much as you promote yourself. People are much more likely to return the favour.
  • Don’t publish anything you wouldn’t want your least favourite person to read about you.
  • Don’t swear in every update, it might seem okay to you, but everyone has their own threshold.
  • Your avatar should be you. Cars, cats, children, cartoons, quotes, QR codes etc. are here-by banished!
  • If you’re using Twitter, try and leave room for re-tweet text.
  • People don’t care what you’ve had for breakfast, be interesting!
  • If you’re trying to network with professionals, always act professionally. That includes spelling and grammar.
  • Twitter is not a replacement for texting.
  • Interact with others, don’t just commentate on your own life. The internet is a conversation.
  • If your response isn’t interesting, thought provoking or at least funny, make it so.
  • If you can break some news, do it. People are always after the latest information.
  • Be passionate. People love enthusiasm.
  • Try and help others out, if you can answer their question, do so.

I hope this has given you at least a few ideas or inspired some changes to your social network habits. If you have any suggestions of your own, feel free to add them in the comment below.