April 4, 2012 1

Google+ is the latest edition to the social media world. But not many people have signed u.! You might think “what’s the point?” if you’re already on Twitter and Facebook. But you might be missing out on some amazing features. Read on!

So, Google+ is pretty special simply because of how much they’ve thought through the network. Not only do you have the usual status and a stream of activity, they’ve integrated YouTube in one of the coolest ways I’ve ever seen, a little button on the right hand side that will make a playlist of videos to show in a pop-up window based off one search (great for getting music to listen to while surfing!). You can video call up to 9 people, compare that to Skype where you have to pay to talk to more than 1 person at a time!

You can send your messages out to certain groups of people (or circles) so you don’t annoy people with irrelevant content. You can even sync your mobile phone and tablet to Google+ so that when you record a video, or take a photo, it automatically uploads it to your account. How many times have you been bored waiting for Facebook to upload 250+ images from a night out or an event?

There are a few grey areas about what Google is doing with search results of people on Google+, but it’s safe to say that your history on the social network will influence the results you see on Google Search, in theory bringing you more personalised and relevent results. Take from that what you will, but there’s no doubt Google are doing things other networks can’t dream of.

If you’re interested in Google+, why not check out our profile and set one up yourself?