How to Link Twitter to Facebook

March 9, 2012 1
How to Link Twitter to Facebook

It’s really simple to link your Twitter and Facebook, allowing you to post on two accounts with one update! Although this might sound like a great time-saving solution, you should know that people can see that your Facebook updates are being pushed through by Twitter. This can look a little unprofessional and like you’re neglecting the largest social network in the world. Just something to bare in mind.

So, lets go through the process!

  1. Log in to your Twitter account
  2. Click on settings
  3. Click on the profile tab
  4. Scroll down and click ‘Post your tweets to Facebook’
  5. Enter your Facebook details

Now, if you run fan pages on Facebook, it will ask permission to access these accounts as well. It’s probably a good idea to skip this step if you’re just looking to update your personal profile.

The final step is to tell Facebook who you want to see your Tweets.

  1. Click on the drop-down arrow on the top-right of the screen
  2. Select ‘account settings’
  3. Choose the Apps tab
  4. Find ‘Twitter’
  5. Under App activity privacy, select the appropriate privacy settings.

You’re all done!