When to DM on Twitter

March 17, 2012 0
When to DM on Twitter

There’s a lot of talk about Direct Messaging (DM) on Twitter. Because the platform is so public, a lot of people seem to think you’re taking away from it’s nature by hiding your communication. We’re here to offer some points of views and lot you make your own mind up with a little ‘for and against’.



  • Allows you to share personal information (e-mail, phone number etc.)
  • Has gained students work placement by contacting the right people
  • For those things that aren’t quite e-mail worthy, but you want to keep under wraps


  • It freaks people out if you DM asking what made them follow you (people actually do this!)
  • Others might be interested in what you have to say, sharing’s caring!
  • Some smart phone Apps don’t notify you about DM’s and you could miss them easily!


So, there are reasons to DM and reasons to keep everything out in the open. Of course, we would recommend keeping information such as your phone number and e-mail private so you don’t get any unwanted messages. But everything else is completely up to you! Good luck and happy Twitter-ing!